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Arundel XL 5kw Multifuel Stove


The Arundel XL Multifuel stove immediately captivates with its impressive oversized viewing window, modern design, and contrasting chrome handle. This industrious stove, constructed with a sturdy steel body, showcases a cast iron door and a log retaining bar that not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances its overall visual appeal. By incorporating advanced high-efficiency technology, this appliance achieves a remarkable heat output of 5.0kW, accompanied by an impressive energy efficiency value of 84%.

The Arundel XL has been classified as Energy Class A+ and is in accordance with the EU Clean Stove Standard. Additionally, it has received full approval from the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme, meeting the most rigorous emissions criteria and achieving a 50% enhancement on particulate matter compared to the presently acknowledged requirements within UK Smoke Control Areas.

Multifuel stoves are equipped with a cast iron raised grate that facilitates the direct flow of combustion air beneath the fuel source, thereby ensuring effective and efficient burning. This mechanism also enables the easy removal of ash from beneath the grate through the use of a removable ashpan. In order to attain optimal efficiency and cleanliness during the burning process, we advise the use of natural hard wood logs and smokeless fuels that have been approved by the relevant authorities. Additionally, Portway Multifuel stoves are capable of burning a diverse range of other fuels, including anthracite, peat briquettes, and various mineral fuels.


  • 5mm thick steel body

  • Cast Iron door and grate

  • Extra Large viewing window

  • Simple operating controls

  • Slim depth installation

  • Tertiary air supply

  • Clean glass airwash system

  • Large easy-carry ashpan

  • Takes log lengths up to 250mm (10”)

  • 125mm (5”) top or rear flue connection

  • Approved to standard BS EN 13240

  • DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt

  • EU Clean Stove Standard

  • Weight - 86kg


Flue Type:Brick Chimney Pre-Fabricated Flue

Fuel Types: Multifuel

Direct Heat Output: 5kW

Useful Energy Efficiency: 84%

Flue Outlet: 125mm (5") (Top or Rear)

Maximum Log Length: 250mm/10"

Ventilation Required: Not normally required

Smoke Control Exempt: Yes

Energy Efficiency Class: A+

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