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"All Portway stoves are Eco designed offering clean burning that falls inline with EU syandards 2022. "We believe our success stems from a combination of innovative design, investment in technology, and the highest quality manufacturing standards. As a result, we have total confidence and belief in the quality and durability of the product range, and to ensure you receive the very best advice and after-sales service, our experienced Portway retailers are fully trained to assist you with your purchase."


Luxima Deluxe Multifuel Stove

With all the features of the Luxima stove such as a class A energy rating, the Deluxe model has a slightly bigger steel outer box, with similar large viewing window. Price £1,150.00

Luxima Multifuel, woodburning stove 2.jpeg

Luxima Deluxe Woodburning Stove

The Luxima Wood burner, a stylish addition to the Portway range of dedicated Wood stoves, boasts a tough steel body and a large cast iron door that remains warp-free, providing an unobstructed view of the impressive fuel bed. Price £1,150.00

Luxima Deluxe Wood.jpeg
Portway Luxima Wood Stove.jpeg

P2 Contemporary 8kw Multifuel with log store.

The P2 Contemporary stove teamed with the under log store, provides the perfect feature for a large fireplace. £1,069.00


Rochester 7 8kw Multifuel stove.  

Stylish Multifuel stove with large viewing window and decorative chrome or black strip accessorising the controls. Featuring clean glass airwash system. £899.00

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