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Stovax & Gazco specializes in the production of wood burning, multi-fuel, gas, and electric stoves, fires, and fireplaces. As the leading stove and fireplace manufacturer in the UK, the Stovax Group offers a diverse selection of designs, catering to both contemporary and traditional preferences, ensuring that every individual's needs are met.


Luxima Deluxe Multifuel Stove

With all the features of the Luxima stove such as a class A energy rating, the Deluxe model has a slightly bigger steel outer box, with similar large viewing window. Price £1,150.00

Luxima Multifuel, woodburning stove 2.jpeg

Luxima Deluxe Woodburning Stove

The Luxima Wood burner, a stylish addition to the Portway range of dedicated Wood stoves, boasts a tough steel body and a large cast iron door that remains warp-free, providing an unobstructed view of the impressive fuel bed. Price £1,150.00

Luxima Deluxe Wood.jpeg
Portway Luxima Wood Stove.jpeg

P2 Contemporary 8kw Multifuel with log store.

The P2 Contemporary stove teamed with the under log store, provides the perfect feature for a large fireplace. £1,069.00


Rochester 7 8kw Multifuel stove.  

Stylish Multifuel stove with large viewing window and decorative chrome or black strip accessorising the controls. Featuring clean glass airwash system. £899.00

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